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Best crop tops for women

CI Desk JUL 1ST, 2021 10:43:58 IST

We're thrilled by this 90's trend that's going through a charming and youthful reboot. Yes, crop tops are back like never before with dozens of flattering cuts and styles for all kinds of daily wear. Formal, casual, party or travel, crop tops are no longer exclusively for teeny popstars. Pick the right cut and style, and everyone can carry it off. So, if you're ready to flaunt some midriff-baring style check out some of our favourite picks.


Classic cut with versatile styling

Made from breathable cotton material, these crop tops are perfect for someone who loves mixing it up. Pair it with jeans, flowy skirts or even a sari; the lightweight fabric is great to wear all year round. The deep scoop neck makes it perfect for showing off your favourite necklace and earring set, and there'll be no flattering  comments about the great fit. Change up your look in minutes by pushing back the long sleeves into a ¾ look. Great for when you’re not sure how high the ac will be cranked up at an event or occasion. Its clean-cut design is its biggest selling point, while the range of colours makes it easy to find shades to match your mood and style. 


Mix it up in style

Whether you're heading to college or stepping out to grab a coffee with friends, this casual cotton top will keep you chic and comfortable. Its high-quality cotton blend material is soft and silky yet doesn't cling to the body. This is a relief, especially when it is hot and all you want is a flowy garment. With a high round neck, short sleeves, knotted detailing, you can go wrong pairing it with joggers or a skirt. Besides, the colours are bright, cheerful and perfect for selfies. Comfortable to wear, try this to up your style quotient instantly.


For the laid back, sporty girl

The iconic boxy cut with a round neck and half sleeves fit the sporty girl to the max. Not only can you wear this to break into a sweat, but the sheer panelling also makes it a fresh choice even when heading out with friends. One of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe, you'll be hard-pressed not to keep reaching for it all the time. The "Never Coast" message in contrast hues stands out against the otherwise solid coloured crop top neatly. To the go-getter who isn't shy to speak her mind, this one's for you.


Classic cut with versatile styling

College style choice or fashionistas who love selfies, everything about this top will instantly make you smile. From the flouncy sleeves to the bright pop of colour, it feels put together and professional anywhere. Made with premium quality crepe material, the drape and fit of this top works as one savvy look. Besides, this pretty top is also a great gift idea! With so much going for it, this classic cut crop top, it's an investment that will be repaid in compliments and smiles a plenty.