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Best feature mobile phones priced under 5000

CI Desk JUN 16TH, 2021 12:40:27 IST From standby time that lasts for days to features like Bluetooth compatibility and extremely simple operation, feature phones have much more to offer than calls and text messaging. We’ve rounded up the top four feature phones that offer great bang for the buck. So click the links below to check them out now

Best phones under 10,000

CI Desk JUN 15TH, 2021 21:39:44 IST Are you looking for pocket friendly smartphones?  And don’t know how to choose the perfect one for yourself? Don’t worry! Today, the demand for mobile phones under 10000 is increasing and you have many options to choose from. The best phones under 10000 come with a wide range of features including dual sim, high-resolution camera, latest Android operating system etc. Here is a guide with the top 4 smartphones under 10,00 to help you choose the best phone. 

Top wireless Bluetooth headphones under 2000

CI Desk JUN 16TH, 2021 12:42:18 IST If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to free yourself from wires and get a fully hands-free experience, then these affordable Bluetooth headphones could change your world. Now you can treat yourself to a refined audio experience without being tied to your device. Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices, you can connect wirelessly up to 10 meters away with most of these picks. So, what are you waiting for? Check out these best buys today.

Stream as you go with the most popular tablets right now

CI Desk JUN 16TH, 2021 12:41:34 IST Tired of having to lug your laptop around to watch your favorite streaming shows? Small, and with a choice of screen sizes to suit most user needs, tablets are now quickly replacing traditional computers. With the freedom to bring out the best in your entertainment from virtually anywhere, if you’re looking to buy a separate tablet just for streaming and enjoying check out our top choices

Amazon Smartwatches to track your every move

CI Desk JUN 16TH, 2021 12:40:08 IST Smartwatches have come a long way since they launched not too long ago. Today they have enough features packed into them to make your head spin. From health trackers to music and phone controls, smartwatches now give you the freedom to multitask through a touch of your wrist. Besides showcasing your style, many even have life-saving functions that track your heart rate and oxygen saturation. From affordable but capable smartwatches to high-end ones packed with features, here are four we think you should check out right now.

The best 8GB laptops under 60,000

CI Desk JUN 16TH, 2021 12:41:46 IST Several types of laptops today allow you to finish your tasks faster and with features that will improve the quality of your life. From those best suited for office work to powerful educational workstations, laptops are slowly replacing traditional computers. Featuring powerful specs that include FHD screens, efficient batteries, fast storage solutions and great graphics, these small computers allow you the freedom to work on the go. If you’re looking to buy a new laptop, we recommend you start with these four excellent 8GB options.

Best HD-ready TVs under 25000 for a great viewing experience

CI Desk JUN 16TH, 2021 12:40:39 IST When it comes to high-end visuals, HD TVs today are the best at delivering value for money. With a slew of features that will make your heads turn including support for digital assistants, today’s TVs let you experience media like never before. Whether you’re looking for a TV that doubles up as a computer, or one with that’s best for streaming your movies, we’ve got the best lined up here for you.

Top sports earphones to crush your fitness goals

CI Desk JUN 16TH, 2021 12:42:02 IST Music can have an immense effect on your energy levels and there’s no better way to motivate you through a grueling exercise routine than some carefully curated ear gear. With so many options on the market, finding the best one for you can be overwhelming. With features that include controls for music playback to water resistance, learn more about which one of our top picks is ready for you.

Best 8-bit video gaming consoles under 1500

CI Desk JUN 16TH, 2021 12:40:16 IST Handheld video gaming consoles have been extremely popular ever since they hit the shelves way back when. Compact enough to be carried in your pocket, they are excellent to engage in gaming anywhere. With a fan following that includes children and adults alike, nowadays, there are several superb portable 8-bit gaming devices available online. Here’s our recommendation of the top four consoles priced below Rs 1500 that you should think about getting right now.