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Best feature mobile phones priced under 5000

CI Desk JUN 16TH, 2021 12:40:27 IST

From standby time that lasts for days to features like Bluetooth compatibility and extremely simple operation, feature phones have much more to offer than calls and text messaging. We’ve rounded up the top four feature phones that offer great bang for the buck. So click the links below to check them out now

A good choice for older people

This phone is a great option if you’re looking for a basic, but capable feature phone. Whether you travel a lot or just need the reliability of two lines, this dual sim device makes being connected simple. The large buttons are perfect for use by the elderly and can be very useful for them. Besides, the 2500 mAh battery ensures that you don’t need to charge it frequently. For music simply plug in your headset or speakers to the 3.5mm headphone jack to tune in to your favourite FM radio station or listen to music saved on your 32GB expandable storage. If you’ve got an elderly loved one in need of a new phone, then this would make a perfect pick

Fast and efficient multimedia phone

Here’s a basic but sturdy feature phone that’s proudly made in India. Running on Symbian OS with 32Mb of RAM, this phone is fast with good battery life and 15 hours of standby time. It was easy to enjoy the latest Bollywood hit videos and songs and even FM whenever we wanted. Another great function - call recording - is also available. You won’t run out of storage for your songs and videos because K18's expandable storage capabilities go right up to 16GB. The stylish design and premium feel of the buttons and overall build will make you the envy of all the neighbors. If you love listening to music, this phone with a stretchable memory is a dream come true!

Best sound and dependability

If you’re looking for an ultra-portable dual sim phone with dependability, look no further. Weighing in at just  88g this phone is packed with features that include a wireless FM radio, an Mp3 player, and a VGA camera for music and pictures on the go. What we love the most is the crystal clear sound quality delivered thanks to its dual front-facing speakers. With expandable memory support up to 32GB and a battery life that puts almost all others to shame, this 88g phone won’t let you down. Music sounds even better through these high quality speakers. Trust us, your ears will thank you!

Perfect beginner phone

Parents can rest at ease when this phone is with their child. With an inbuilt mobile tracker, this handset allows your children to access basic calling and messaging features when they are out with friends or at play. Pop in a 32GB MicroSD card and they can even enjoy listening to hours of music using a Bluetooth headset or from powerful boombox speakers. The photo caller id that shows you who’s calling is an awesome feature to have on this 1.8-inch QQVGA bright TFT Display. For moms and dads looking to keep the lines of communication always open, get this phone.